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- bye to borders. the leaving of one of the last big chains is a loss, starting friday you will be able to get big discounts. >> in just a few days borders books will start a store wide liquidation. it'll be the final chapter of one of the biggest booksellers and it's a sad story for book lovers everywhere. >> i'm just shaken. i can't believe. they were talking about it but it's -- this time and age. that's crazy. >> really sad because i come here like every week. >> reporter: in 2009 they closed 200 mall stores, last february they filed for chapter 8 but it never bounced back. they were hit hard by the move away from brick and mortar stores toward online booksellers. here is what customers need to know. clearance sale start friday and run through september. all sales are final. the good news is gift cards will still be honored but no new cards will be sold. over 10,000 workers will be laid off including many in greater baltimore and the dc area. you have a few more weeks to pick up bargins and remember. >> it'll be missed. >> she was enjoying a family vacation in a foot of water.
officer is accused of running a big heroine to bring. >> business has rattled the department. >> the police department started the investigation against daniel redd after the allegations surfaced. daniel redd was approaching retirement, but now he can spend the rest of his life in prison. there is some comfort in knowing a police officer is your neighbor. that all changed today. >> it is sad you have to call the cops on the cop >>reporter: his home on shamrock avenue were 41 -year-old daniel redd lit and allegedly operated a heroine organization became part of a federal investigation. daniel redd was indicted in a grand jury -- grand jury on what four other civilians and faces life in prison. >> i hope that sends a very powerful message that if you carry a gun and deal drugs, whether you are a street corner check your police officer, you will be the link the term >>reporter: u.s. attorney for maryland says the investigation was initiated by the baltimore police department dating back to january. the 51 page indictment describes daniel redd acting as the drug ringleader as wel
had gastric surgery and why she wants to go under the knife again. and a big shake-up in the ravens lineup. who got cut and why. >> wyatt everhart, how does it look for the rest of the week? those details tonight after extreme makeover. now the last time that you stepped on the scale, you were 340 pounds, and i gave you the goal to lose 60 pounds in 3 months, so if this monitor reads 280 pounds or less, you hit your goal. go ahead and step on the scale. (beeping) (beeping stops) well, you didn't hit your goal. 295 pounds... so 45 pounds lost in the last 3 months. it was a struggle. yeah. and i'm glad i struggled because i wouldn't know what to do next time. yeah. krista missed her goal by 15 pounds, but overall, i mean, she's lost 70 pounds since i surprised her just a couple months ago, and for me, that's a really positive step, moving into phase 3. it's time to push into phase 3. i want to make this an enjoyable experience. i'm gonna be sending you to the disneyland resort in california for the half marathon. oh, my god. so this is just one of five different rundisney events that
the bullet had hit. >> he had a big old hole in the gun, he never really got shot though, just got grazed i guess. >> police say the bullet was fired from a high-powered assault rifle. they confirmed if the round had hit an inch or two away in any direction the officer could have been killed. >> hitting his service weapon was just, you know, an incredible coincidence that frankly probably saved his life. >> this morning police got a tip from a resident that led them back to cook's lane. after a brief chase they took this man into custody. 20-year-old shea jordan. they also found the disassembled pieces of that assault rifle. police sources tell them jordan is an army veteran with tours of duty in iraq. >> he walked up to my door, you don't feel safe any more, with somebody. but knowing he is off the street i feel a lot better. >> they have not confirmed his status as a veteran and have not said why they believe he shot at the officer. >> what we're sure of is he had no love lost for the baltimore police department. >> the officer was treated and released from shock trauma. shea jordan is ch
. tonight though, a big time heat situation tomorrow coming up. >> all right wyatt. well it's a baltimore tradition on a hot night like this to just sit out on your porch or on your steps and catch a breeze. that was the game plan until storm clouds arrived and you're welcome mat. here is one steamy and stormy night. rosy. >> it was a hot and steamy night jamey all over the area as folks tried to deal with the weather and how it changed. i mean, we had some storms there, especially up in this area, really heavy rains coming down flooding parking lots, a mess out here. what's touched this all off was all the high heat and high hud we had during the day. guess what folks, for many people out there, they are going to have to figure out how to deal with all this high heat again yet tomorrow. >> no matter what the weather, they have to get their laps in. with the heat in the low 920s, this is part of being a runner, although admitted leah slow runner today. >> three laps. >> very slow. >> does the heat make you slower? >> yes, definitely. >> oh, man. >> you can tell can't you. he does know whe
known as a hotbed for snakes. >> all right. the home run derby last night was a big hit. not on the edge, but on the deck. trying to catch a ball. we circle him. keith carmichael is in -- he is trying to catch prince fielder's home run hit when he ended up dangling about 20 feet up. he was lucky his brother and a friend were right there, strong enough to pull him back over the railing to his seat. remember last week at a rangers game he died trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands. >>> well abc 2 news is working for you tonight. imagine this, your electronic device gets stolen. >> what do you think, eh no problem, you installed that highly touted gps tracking software. >> but then what? do you go after it yourself? do you call police? what if they are too busy taking other calls. [ phone ringing. >> reporter: when business owner and working mom monica freely left her phone in the back of a cab and had no way to get in touch with her kids or clients. >> immediately i panicked. >> reporter: she activated her gps tracking app through another device and traced her phone to a nearby hot
to what they call their big friendly pack. it's a case of perception. he was a five-year old 110- pound rott and his owners say he was a good friend and buddy to their children. >> he was like my child. he grew up with my kids, he -- my daughter pulled on his ear, my son. >> reporter: on tuesday an officer was unloading groceries, a couple walked by with his dog, he was going you door and the dog ran off the porc h into the neighbor's yard. >> they were walk their animal when the dog approached them an aggressive manner. the man said he tried to flee but he was forced to fire in order to protect himself. >> as he -- i yelled at him to stop. as he started to slow down the man pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. >> reporter: the ma dog was shot in the dead and died instantly. patrick said he then got scared of for his own life. >> i was on my knees and the man was still pointing the gun at me and he never said anything, just backed up. >> reporter: they say their dog has gotten out before and run off after other dogs but three years ago he was trained. they say he was eight fee
a big red spot like a sun burn. >> new information in a works for you information. what we found and what was missing when we started asking questions. the news at 11 starts right now. >> two separate stabbings at a bar in baltimore county in less than a week. that bar is in danger of being shut down. police say they may need to step into prevent something even worse from happening. >> reporter: boomers bar is in the middle rivers area. tonight a manager said they do all they can to keep customers safe, police say it's not been enough. the bar is on earl's road not far from eastern. last night thursday, was lady's night and as it turned out two women got into a fight on the dance floor. one of them stabbed the other. >> the mischief is very -- police chief is very concerned about this establishment. >> reporter: the victim is 22, police say her injuries are serious but not life threatening. several were taken into custody but no charges have been filed early friday of last week police say a 23-year-old stabbed another man in the parking lot outside of boomers. he faces a charge
't heard of serious backups. but the big question is what will the weather do and are those people driving that fast? wyatt has a look at the forecast right now. hello,. >> see the boats zipping by there too. >> you know i tell you, things hold up well this weekend i think the one wild card is sunday afternoon and sunday evening. but for the most part we are looking good. tonight clear up and down the east coast wherever your travels take you. i think you are fine getting out of bwi or dulles or reagan. still warm. 08 in dc, 72 in easton a. 69 in baltimore and upper 60s on the shore. but humidity while relatively pleasant will begin to creep up tomorrow i think during the day we get to 91. but humidity creeps up tomorrow night. but that's going to mean more steamy scenario sunday and 4th of july monday. we break all the details for you coming up in just a few. back to you. >>> ids it happened again. three -- it happened again three men storm into a home announce they are police and tie up the people inside. the latest was overnight in federal hill. this is days after a sim layer situation
have thought this would happen. big layoff at sisco. they came out of san francisco and was founded by a married couple. from 1984 to now this computer network gear maker made millions. the ceo made a pledge to make his company more profitable and the only way was to layoff 6500 people. it's also selling its plants in mexico to a technology group. they had nearly 74,000 people at the end of april. >> she could be in south baltimore, nobody but casey anthony knows where she is. she has been free for 23 hours. she walked out, got into a car and hasn't been seen since. she was acquitted in the murder of her daughter and her attorneys say they are trying to protect her from the lynch mob mentality >>> we are shall working for you with a scam alert involving the case. there are hackers coming after you and your interest in the case. they are already working on schemes to damage your computer. they are going after facebook users, a link that claims to have a video of anthony confessing to killing her daughter. this is a scam. >> just about everybody is on facebook. that's what makes sca
back to earth on thursday. >>> was offering the ipaq for $70 but it turns out it was a big mistake. the computer typically sells for $750 so that would have been a bargain. >> a dollar for your thoughts on this one could look what happens when someone went into a dollar store. >>> air was nice for the night and most of the day by the heat is back on. we'll take a look at our sweltering country. >> yesterday we were okay and today we came in around 91 degrees. it will get even hotter as we go to the end of the week could we have a mini heat wave coming in here. stick around, we will have your seven day forecast. >> dollar stores are a great way to save money but while they offer great deals a new consumer investigation finds you need to be careful purchasing some items in that store. >> john matarese shows us what you need to watch closely so you do not waste your money. >> reporter: while many businesses have seen major declines, dollar stores have seen their business search ads catch draft families watch every penny and while they offer great deals on certain items, there
. there is a little bit of unsettled weather, weak area of low pressure, big area of lie pressure clockwise flow, this bubble of sinking air kept the skies so clear the last two days, but as this slides off shore we get a southerly wind flow that will bring all this humidity that's just socked in across the southeast. this will move back into maryland the next two days, real steamer monday and tuesday afternoon. when we get some storms, maybe a front to break it up, i don't look for much monday, maybe western maryland, as we go into tuesday though, better chances here, boundary comes down and there could be heavy storms in this late tuesday but the good part it'll push back down some of that extreme humidity and some of that extreme heat. better weather from wednesday on this week . overnight down to 68, mostly clear, we stay warm out there but tomorrow, 93, getting hot, that hazy sun and again in the afternoon, you are an outdoor person in the afternoon, working outdoor, outdoors, just remember that air quality alert take it easy. tomorrow night down to 75, partly cloudy and the seven day forec
. >> this is basically big brother. >> violence shuts down the parkway. tonight we want to know if this is a message to stop taking pictures. >>> another child will go missing. we talk to the people who want it to stop. >>> if you lost 20, 40, 100 pounds would you enter a beauty contest? one did, her prize wasn't just the smaller size. the news starts right now. >>> an attack on a speed camera operator or an act of civil disobedience? either way it shut down a lieway for much of the afternoon. police are still looking for the man who tapped on the vehicle with shot gun and then smashed out the wind shield with a hammer. people who don't like the cameras aren't defending the man flight. >> reporter: no. i spoke with the state senator, she voted against the speed camera when it was approved in 2009. she said she doesn't agree with the violence but said she can understand it. you can see the broken glass on the wind shield of the vehicle that was parked near the 195. police say a man walked out of the wood s with a gun and hammer. he tapped on the window and then he struck the wind shield with the ham
your reward points hoping it'll pay off big? we work for you, the pit falls you can avoid. the news starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at 1211. >> even at 11:00 it's still hot. feels like the middle of the summer day at night. we want to go to wyatt who is out in the heat tonight and it's pretty hot still. >> it still is. it's muggy and in just the last hour a bit of a breeze and -- see the trees moving a bit? we are getting a bit of a prize, it's maybe not quite as stagnant. anything to break up the hazy, humid night. let's look at some of the numbers and i will tell you it has been a hot day and it's going to be a warm evening out here as we go to the maps. balmy to say the least. temperatures were currently in the 80s, we just passed them. upper 80s, high temperatures up in the mid100's and the heat warnings up for the state tomorrow starting at ten, running through eight tomorrow evening, going to be another hot one and here is the detailed hour by hour forecast. we are probably getting up to around 101. today we set the all time record, 106 at pwi. even though we trim a few
. >> reporter: jeff says the low price was the big draw. >> very convenient. i have used it toker months. it's always been easy to use and i like the price. >> reporter: that price is no more. as of september 1st they drop their $9.99 monthly plan that lets you watch unlimited movies online and rent dvds. instead it's $7.99 for streaming and $7.99 for mail or $15.99 for both. don't like it in will alternatives. red box with popular movies for just a dollar a flight. block buster by mail, for 1 dollar -- $11.99 unlimited mail movies. hul you u plus for $7.99 a month for streaming. ? if you don't like the higher price consider if you need both services. if you drop either one it'll be two dollars cheaper. you won't have quite the same selection. that way you don't waste your money. >> now maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. today was the first day we really started to see things warm up and really feel it. the temperature coming in around 83 degrees. the humidity is at 72%. the winds out of the east southeast at five and the
. it's a big write up. when you get down to the questions like has the physical violence increased over the past year? look at all the questions where 20 of them has had he ever threatened, does he threaten your children? these are the questions you need to answer if you find yourself in abusive relationship. the department of health and human services has even thrown out a challenge for people to create apps for mobile devices to address this issue and you can get more information on the website abc >> now maryland's most powerful powerful doppler radar. >> all right. pretty quiet after a few storms earlier this evening. you see the hard work cafe. still a humid one and zero wind. wind is calm right now. little stagnant at the moment. optimistic they will kick up out of the north and bring in nicer air. 92 was the high, seven degrees off the old record. sun, the story early on and we had briefly stormier weather through the afternoon. this is a nice sunset near druid park. things clear off nicely into the evening. watch moon rise, ocean city packed on the beach. people tr
back up close to 90, a mix of clouds and sun, generally dry, and as we saw tonight that big cluster of storms generally moving south of us because the focusing the boundary for the -- the front -- the stalled front that's the focusing point and it should stay south one more day. the showers that -- developed in western maryland fizzled out once they got into around frederick or so. hot, humid air out of the south and east. dryer weather trying to edge in. the boundary will hang out tomorrow and storms tend to go just south of that boundary. that means tomorrow a lot of this may stay -- down in southern maryland and back through virginia. as we work into wednesday it does look like a better chance for more active weather around you're state. overnight tonight, 67 or so we stay cloudy, warm and humid. tomorrow 90 or so, mostly sunny, less humid through the day, not a bad which to head back to work, a good weather day. tomorrow night the humidity comes back and income tax few days we have the chances for on and off showers and storms, unsettled outlook but typical for first full week o
late tonight. it is one of the nights where you have to be in the covered canopy area. big showers and storms moving out of the south and west. there are thunderstorms towards the beaches right now. a little dicy down beach side tonight. it will be clearing out tomorrow. closer to home annapolis a little drizzle. most of the big weather is done for at least the center part of the state. an isolated shower or storm late. the flash flood watch for the lower part of the eastern shore. take a look at some of the rainfall totals. man, almost 2 inches and more than 2 inches in fredrick. 2 and a half inches plus. rockville 2.3. 2 and a quarter in churchill. heavy, heavy down pours. all coming down too fast. had pretty cool images as the storms came in. do a time lapse fredrick at the earth and space center. heavy, heavy showers coming down. you can see how they can get a couple of inches of rain in a hurry. baltimore and then the down pours in the city. it was a wet weather scenario. tough commute for many people out there. that's for sure. i hear route 50 was tough going into annapolis.
80 still at pwi, 70's on the eastern shore as well as in frederick. the big concern for bad air quality. code orange in effect tomorrow for most of the baltimore metro area, all the way up through cecil into philadelphia and delaware. sensitive groups, allergies, asthma sufferers, be aware of that, especially in the afternoon. the afternoon is when the air quality gets the worst on that heat and humidity. 92 tomorrow. another steam bath. we will talk about the chances for storms and look at weekend. >>> lutherville, greek town, there is a facebook call for all to leave an their porch lights to honor the life of caylee anthony. liz wrote, i believe we should all keep our porch lights on every night, children are murdered. taken from their homes, exploited, this is just one case. this is the facebook page calling for the light on the event tonight. its been growing by the minute. all night long. right now we are well past 1.2 million people. this just started this afternoon ; almost 30,000 said they won't do it because of anthony. if you followed the trial every second of the day
low 1 more day. one more because the wind shifts and that humidity comes back in big time. real hot friday, up around 100. 60 and clear and dry out there tonight. obviously it will be clear and drier. the south will be more humid. 89, 90 in the surrounding areas of the city. the outlook here, temperatures climbing up into the upper 90s by friday. we may hit 100 that day so be ready for that. you can always track the latest weather on your iphone, ipad, all of it. we're block blogging about it. the weather app, check it out on itunes on our web site. >> thanks a lot. wyatt was talking about the latest weather news. [ no audio - stand by please ] ... into neighborhoods where you live. it's pretty cool and you can get it for free. it also has the seven-day forecast. all you have to do is head to the web site. abc 2 news/weather and you will find the free weather app lincoln get instructions on how you can download. it's pretty easy. >> lord, i want to thank you for my smoking hot wife. >> i don't remember saying that prayer at st. clements growing up. i'll tell you this is the pastor,
with -- the ground was covered with -- it was a big hit with the kids. >> they weren't the only ones loving it. the monkeys also got into action with the snowman at their side and ice pops to keep them cool. the snow was also a hit, right there with that big guy. chilling, look at that. >> snow comes for monkeys. >> good. >> we -- back in the mid90's tomorrow. about as humid as houston texas normally is. then, throughout the -- we get a slight break-in here, tuesday, wednesday, slight break. going to be 90 still. >> all the same once it's over 90. >> i -- i haven't stopped sweating since last month. >> june 12th. >> have a good night. [ male announcer ] your favorite show is on or the game or there's an emergency and you need to know so you turn on your local tv and it's gone. right now, congressional action may threaten the local tv you rely on. millions could lose access to free local news. others could lose their hd unless congress protects local tv. tell congress: protect local tv. with flights all over the country starting at only $59. as the nation's largest domestic airline, we
from police about steps that can make a big difference. those stories and more coming up in 60 seconds. >>> in south carolina mom is having her little girl a little tighter at this hour. the two -year-old was inside her mom apogee when she and her boyfriend stopped at her aunts house. they left the jeep running in the driveway while they ran inside and once inside the house, she looked outside to see two meant opening the doors. she ran outside and the man -- men held a gun and ordering back into the house. >> i panicked. i did not know what they would do to my child. she cannot speak for herself. >> the car took off with her inside. about two hours later, just as police were getting ready to issue an amber alert, it was discovered with the toddler inside at a nearby school. the thieves took a cell phone and rent money, but left her unhurt. >>> there have been no justice for caylee. >> news of casey anthony's release was read, so did the protest. they were angry that the jurors acquitted her of charges. a handful of supporters gathered and one man that said, will you marry me? one rest
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22